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Picture Frame Graphic

Taryn Dufault is an Orange County, CA based illustrator and designer 

who's whimsical, and often floral in nature, illustrations meld traditional watercolor and

pencil work with the aspects of "looking within the paint" to find the details and overall

feel and meaning of each illustration, creating balance between raw imagination and

careful research and compositional planning.  

About the Artist

Note3 copy.jpg

A Note From the Artist


As a child, I spent countless hours roaming the vast nature of the midwestern plains/forests around me and living in the imaginary worlds I had envisioned. I was the kid I was always in my head; dreaming, drawing, reading, learning, evaluating, and analyzing. As an adult, I've learned to harness those traits to not only create but communicate, whether that be for my own personal illustrations or in communicating a client's message through custom illustrations or graphic design. For the last 12 years, I have been crafting communications through art and design in a variety of platforms from book illustrations to package design to marketing design, but one thing always remains the same - there is always a story to tell and how you choose to tell it is extremely important to the success of the message being received. To learn more about the specifics of my professional experience you can view my resume by clicking hereTo request a custom illustration, please email

Happy Creating! 

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